Wednesday 17 June 2009

HOMEWORK: Martin Armstrong article on Leviathon

Martin Armstrong is a smart guy. So smart that some very powerful people didn't like how smart he was, and what he had to say to people. He is a political prisoner right now, but he continues to put out quality articles in spite of the fact he is incarcerated, has to pass out his articles to a friend to get them distributed, and writes them on a typewriter -- hence the frequent and uncorrected grammatical, spelling, typo and punctuation errors, plus the somewhat untidy presentation that will be immediately evident. You need to put the possible annoyance of these factors into perspective and just think about the substance rather than the style. His specialisation is his "economic wave theory", that everything goes in cycles and in fact major events can be (and are, repeatedly!) predicted to a surprisingly accurate timeline. Anyway, enough background on the author, on to the specific article.

This article describes "the Leviathan" (the State), its incessant need to expand and control at all times and at any cost, for its own self-serving interest, and ultimately to its own destruction since its expansion leads inevitably to the demise of the host upon whom it must feed (you, the public at large). Lengthy historical perspectives are given to back up the theories along the way, filling the document out to a fairly healthy 24 pages in total. This is not something you should pick up in this down 5 minutes you are probably enjoying right now, but something you would more likely want to schedule, perhaps print out, and read when you have a half an hour you can dedicate to the task (maybe on the commute home or something?).

I think you will find it an interesting and rewarding read, worth the investment of a mere half hour or so, if you have even a passing interest in politics and economics (which you surely must, or you would have by now been thoroughly irritated by these posts and ceased being a fan in Facebook, or unsubscribed if you are going native on the blog or RSS feed). Probably goes best with a glass of red wine -- because you're worth it. :-)

Here is the article, which is in PDF format.

If you found this piqued your interest, there is plenty more where it came from! You can probably find it pretty easily yourself, but if you would prefer assistance just say the word and I will be much more than happy to help.

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