Friday 19 June 2009

More Armstrong. This one on the importance of "sound money" and how best to get back to it.

You may have noticed that my particular pet project is to try to spread awareness of just how unsound "money" is today. To summarise: our money (and nobody moreso than the USA, but all currencies I mean) is backed by nothing. Our governments can "print"* whatever amounts of $/£/€/etc they feel they need. Often they then use these freshly-minted wads of "money" to buy their own debt bonds (Treasuries/Gilts/Bunds/etc). This has the potential to be extremely inflationary, if it is allowed to get out of hand, and it is silently stealing the wealth of the population (and even more importantly, the future population) to do so. I don't know about you, but I class that as immoral and certainly not what I vote for. So perhaps this puts into perspective for you where I am coming from.

Anyway, I have a link to yet another Martin Armstrong article, which is this time on this very subject of "sound money". He goes on to outline what in his opinion can realistically be done going forward to restore the world to a system of true "sound money", but avoiding the shackles of a true and rigid "gold standard", rather than the US continuing to enjoy its -- as Charles de Gaulle so adequately put it -- 'exorbitant privilege', which dollar-debt reserve holders of the world are expressing growing concern about (rightly).

Here is the article. (PDF)

* actually these days they most of the time do it on a computer database as a simple bookkeeping transaction, rather than actually printing up paper notes, but it amounts to the same thing -- theft of the purchasing power of the money in your possesssion. Another "hidden tax".

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