Wednesday 10 June 2009

Wrong, Mr Tucker of the BoE MPC. Wrong.

It is most certainly NOT in the interests of the banks, OR the wider economy, for banks to start making rash and reckless loans again any time soon.

The whole mess was at root caused by banks making ridiculous and risky loans, which backfired badly and with truly disasterous consequences (which are still a long way from being washed out, mark my words).

HOW THE HELL DOES MR TUCKER THINK DOING THE SAME AGAIN IS ANYTHING BUT MADNESS? The very definition of madness is doing the same thing and expecting different results, no?

No, the problems that were allowed to build up, over a very extended period of time and with politicians cheering it on and overspending on the back of it, must be allowed to play out one way or another. Trying to resolve them by doing more of the same is a recipe only for bigger disaster. The nation cannot afford a bigger disaster than it already has on its plate; its still highly questionable how exactly it can afford the one it already has.

It is no surprise to me that Mr Tucker was hand picked by Gordon Brown. Nobody stands to gain from this approach but Mr Brown and his buddies. If you think any of these goons are "on your side", looking out for the little guy, you need to get with the program -- they are on their side.

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