Friday 26 April 2013

The future of gold?

Nobody can tell you what gold will be worth; it has no "intrinsic value".

Its value is arbitrary, floating on the whims of collective human emotion.

Nobody can tell you, today, with any degree of certainty, more than... all that glitters is not gold.

How's your weathervane?

Wednesday 17 April 2013

I can haz conspiracy?

Trying to control the world?
I see you won't succeed.

T'ien hsia shen ch'i
The world is a spiritual vessel
And cannot be controlled.

Those who control, fail.
Those who grasp, lose.

Some go forth, some are led,
Some weep, some blow flutes,
Some become strong, some superfluous,
Some oppress, some are destroyed.

Therefore the Sage
   Casts off extremes,
   Casts off excess,
   Casts off extravagance.

OMG!! The evil, all-powerful elitez, and their liberty-crushing Jackboots!!

So … don't enable them?

Nobody has to give them what they want.

Just say no to temptation. It's probably not good for you.


Monday 8 April 2013

The inevitability of change

With every unit of fiat currency, by its very nature, being an "IOU"… The Rich (at this point, anyone with a positive and non-contracting net worth) holding ever-growing piles, necessitates everyone else to increasingly be in debt to them.

It is inevitable that we must proceed, under the $IMFS paradigm, from "the 50%"… to "the 10%"… to "the 1%"… to "the 0.001%"… to…

It seems to me like "the 99.99%" have already decided it won't get as far as that though?

So if the 1% have a brain — and one would hope they must have, if they were able to take everything from everyone else without them even realising until quite recently… what would it say about the rest of us if even they don't! — they will have already been working on an alternative game we can all start to play together shortly. (Perhaps even for quite a long time? ;) )

Would anything else make sense at this point?

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