Thursday 18 June 2009

HOMEWORK overtime: Armstrong again, on Caesar and the debt crisis

For anyone out there who found the "homework" article posted yesterday has piqued their interest, here is something for "extra credit". :-)

This one is Armstrong on the subject of Caesar, who in his estimation is the only politician in recorded history who firstly understood a debt problem like the one we face today, and secondly had the conviction to do what it was necessary to do in order to resolve it.

Many people think Obama will be our Caesar. I hope they're right, but unfortunately I'm confident they're not. And Brown? Well, let's just say "don't make me laugh". :-/

If you are short for time and just want to find out what Armstrong thinks must be done now to resolve the debt crisis and avoid civil disruption on a massive scale, you should skip to the final page (for this you will receive only one extra credit though!). To better understand the problem, the background on the real root cause of the problem (which ties-in firmly with yesterday's article), and the full story on why Armstrong believes Caesar was the only Statesman so far in the whole of recorded time to have the right combination of smarts, honesty and conviction to be able to deal effectively with this kind of issue, read the whole thing again -- another 24 pages, and for this you might get three extra credits! (Don't spend them all at once...)

Here is the article (PDF again).

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