Monday 15 June 2009

Paul Krugman thinks UK in best shape across Europe

Apparently, Paul Krugman reckons the UK is in best shape economically within Europe right now.

Likely he's right, on current metrics. Although I doubt the likelihood of some of the assumed metrics that are being used regarding future economic performance, as you'll already know if you've been reading my missives for more than a few days.

If he is right, and the UK has been able to show progressive and effective action while the rest of Europe has been stuck with the straightjacket of inaction that is the Euro system... how can any UK politician stand in front of the nation and declare we will be best served by joining the Euro system? That is exactly what Mandelson is doing, and exactly where he has every intention of taking us by hook or by crook.

It can't be both ways: either we are in Shit Street in the UK right now and we will only be saved by diving more deeply into the European Project; or we managed to narrowly avert massive state failure in the UK while the Euro nations are struggling and withering on the vine still, in which case we were best served by not being too far into the European Project and will continue to be best served by steering that course.

You need to decide which it is: are we doing fine and should continue to stand alone; are we stood on the economic trap door awaiting our fate and should desperately try to gain acceptance to the Euro while we will still be welcome. Then you need to vote accordingly one way or another. (Or, like me, choose instead to look after number one, on the assumption that nobody else is going to. But that's just an old fashioned and out-dated way of dealing with things, to do them yourself because you can't trust many other people to deal with them for you, eh?)

To my mind, this is a critical question that few people take seriously enough. In fact, two critical questions: To-Euro-Or-Not-To-Euro; To-Look-Out-For-Yourself-Or-To-Trust-The-Government-Instead.

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