Thursday 18 June 2009

Enjoy the summer. Can you handle the truth about the fall?

You maybe think that I bum your day out oftentimes, but these guys have a whole team of trained and experienced economists, who love nothing more than to spend their days collectively analysing economies and prognosticating what will unfold in the future as a result of what they find. I can't hold a candle to these guys (I'm not an economist, trained or otherwise, I am just a 'filter' who has spent a lot of time reading up on these topics the last few years, has come to understand them a lot better than I used to, and see it as my civic duty to raise awareness) and certainly can't add much of any value except to tell you that they have been pretty much spot-on before and I'll be very surprised if they're not again. So I won't even try!

Just go and check out the public version of their latest report.

But pour yourself a brandy first; you're going to need it.

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