Thursday 25 June 2009

On the subject of your debt

In my opinion, the best comment posted on the linked article, on the subject of government debt and how we must now work half of the year just to satisfy the goverment's insatiable fiscal requirements, is this one (which is second from bottom):

"And all of that must be paid before people service their own personal debt and mortgages.

What is it about the British people that they think this is a normal state of affairs?

It's insanity

But mention to people, their eyes glaze over and they retreat into denial"

Whoever "UK Debt Slave" really is, I have one word to say to your comment:


Generally speaking, people are not interested and just glaze over until you stop talking, when it comes to thinking about how they are enslaved by "credit" (more accurately named "debt", but people wouldn't fall for it so easily if it was more honestly named of course). But I have something right here to say to people that glaze over and ignore that topic: wise up, because sometime, probably quite soon now, you will be sucked under and consumed by debt if you don't do something about it.

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