Thursday 18 June 2009

Brits and Yanks having gold sale parties at home, selling for 30% off, while Germans are tooling up vending machines and are buying for a premium.

Which set of consumers will be shown by the future's history books to have been the Patsies? Who knows for sure, but I have have my suspicions!

I noted with interest a moment ago -- when viewing an article on the Telegraph website which is just another in a long line that were not worth wasting your time -- that their most-viewed economics section story today is about a German company setting up to sell small gold bars from vending machines to the man in the street (or the supermarket) for a premium price. I came across this story a few days ago, but at the time I didn't think it interesting enough to mention. I find it more interesting today because of the fact it is the top rated story; which indicates gold must be beginning to find wide consumer interest in the UK.

This compares starkly with the stories of people here and in the States having the scrap gold jewellery version of Tupperware parties, pawning off their old trinkets for a discount over nibbles and a few glasses of the old vino.

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