Friday 5 February 2010

Ultimate Green Tech initiative? Hey, what did you mean 'no soil to grow food soon'?!

I was musing to myself 'if CO2 is such a big problem, surely there is some way to split it to give off the O, leaving the C?' (Carbon actually being in short supply and of great use. Britain-facing-food-crisis-as-worlds-soil-vanishes-in-60-years.html)

After a very quick trawl I came across this article. This was the closest I found to getting 2xO and 1xC in the five minutes I devoted to it: 1xO and 1xCO, carbon monoxide.

First thought: "hmmm... carbon monoxide eh... that's not so great!". But hold on there, because actually CO is useful and can be readily made into fuel products. You can run power stations, cars, trucks, trains and planes on stuff made out of carbon monoxide. Wow! Not only could this process help with getting rid of CO2, it can help deal with Peak Oil too.

So these guys have a product in their labs that can use solar energy to convert CO2 into oxygen and the necessary feedstock to create synthetic energy products. Surely this is the ultimate Green Tech product in the making?? Something that uses the sun's power to get rid of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, give us much-needed oxygen and a source for alternative energy to help reduce dependence on oil/gas.

Why wasn't this all over the media? That article was out almost 2 years ago now. Why isn't this product being heavily invested in and by now rolled out on a massive scale to fix the (claimed) climate change issue cause by (supposedly) carbon dioxide? You think that maybe the people who will make a lot of money out of carbon trading, wouldn't make any money out of a product like this? Just call me cynical.

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