Friday 5 February 2010

An example of union idiocy

Firstly, do the Unite union leaders not think that their members going on strike to demand improved pay and conditions is not "bullying and harassment"? At least the non-union staff members are expressing their alternative version of "bullying and harassment" in private, on a graffiti wall in their own offices -- not in front of all of the nation's media and at the expense of the travelling public. Where do these people get off with this ridiculous claim of injustice?? I presume the people who disagree with the union's point of view should sit down and shut up? I wish I had access to that graffiti wall, I can tell you!

Secondly, can the union leadership not easily recognise that any company its members work for, while reporting a £50M loss for the year and operating within a sector of business that is crippled globally with players falling like dominos all over the world, demonstrably cannot afford to give its staff better pay and benefits just now? Especially when those staff already enjoy the best pay and benefits in comparison to staff at all of the company's competitors.


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