Friday 19 February 2010

Jack-boot Brown is who has made petrol more expensive

The AA are warning that petrol prices are reaching the pain point again. Currently prices are around £1.10/gallon for regular unleaded. They also state that wholesale prices recently went down by 2p/gallon but it has not been immediately passed onto consumers on this occasion as has been the case in the recent past, for reasons of competition among vendors.

For my part, I have noticed and repeatedly commented to my long-suffering dear wife and anyone else that makes the mistake of mentioning the topic within earshot, that petrol prices are extremely elevated for some time now. I recall when the crude oil price briefly spiked up to $147/barrel a couple of years ago, the price of a gallon was trying to break through £1.00 and the fuel stations all had to run around with stickers to prefix their pumps and signage with £1 because they were not setup to cope with prices in triple digits. Do you remember those halcyon days perhaps?

Since that time, crude prices are about half what they were, and yet here we are in the UK with pump prices that are higher than they were while crude was double what it costs now. Something is wrong with the math here, no? That something is largely the value of the Pound. The value of the Pound is down heavily over the last couple of years, mostly due to international confidence in the economic stewardship of Gordon Brown's Labour government. There is still a long way further down it can and most likely will be taken, unfortunately.

To lash out against this reality, in the run-up to the election, Gordon today is trying to convince us all that the Conservatives are not only wrong to disagree with his misguided policies, but now he wishes to convince us all, through the carefully selected phrasing that they are "The Right Wing", that they are worse than the BNP and the Nazi's put together. Worse still, he attempts to paint them as not only The Right Wing, but also implies they are at the same time evil Libertarians, against government in principle. (The alert among you will notice that there is something of a contradiction in here already!) Would that the Conservatives were for Liberty, which in my view would make them more attractive, but they have been at great pains in the last few months to paint themselves as being against evil Libertarians themselves.

The Conservatives are not against government, they want to BE the government!

Truly, this is starting to look like a desperate man, fighting with the last remaining options he still has available to him. It is sad to watch. The last, desperate days of the British Reich clinging to power. Forgive me if I do not shed any tears.

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