Friday 12 February 2010

New Jersey enters state of fiscal emergency, Democrat senators tell them they can't stop spending money

On the one hand you have the Governor of NJ comes out and tells it like it is, and informs everyone who'll listen that public spending must stop now, or there will be even worse trouble very shortly:

Calling New Jersey on "the edge of bankruptcy," Gov. Chris Christie today declared a fiscal emergency, seizing broad powers to freeze aid to more than 500 school districts and cut from higher education, hospitals and the Public Advocate.

On the other hand, you have the Democrat senators at the Federal level telling the Governor that he must continue to spend:

Democrats who control both houses of the Legislature immediately balked at Christie's move to unilaterally freeze school aid. They said school aid is directly tied to property taxes, and excess surplus should be returned to residents as property tax relief.

Pray tell, at what point do the Democrats (or Labour in the UK) understand that they have run right out of other people's money to spend on their politically-motivated largesse? They can no longer afford the tab for buying up votes.

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