Tuesday 23 February 2010

Dear Mr Brown, putting off cutting our deficits unfortunately just cannot wait.

I don't care how much you would like to be the nice guy who keeps employing more people in your swollen government departments, handing out more welfare money like it's orange squash while the private sector workers who pay for it all are dwindling in number each passing day, and generally buying as many desperate votes as you can before the election. We just do not have the luxury of being able to keep building this debt, I don't care how many of your personal friends you can convince to embarrass themselves in public by signing your ludicrous, self-serving letters. Just take a look at how many billions of pounds we are wasting in coming years simply to pay the interest on all the debts you have racked up so far. No, this simply cannot, and therefore will not, continue. The participants in the bond market will not stand for it, and eventually the taxpaying public will wake up to reality and they won't either.

At the same time as you are grandstanding that Britain must continue to rack up these debts, you are yourself also stating publicly that you agree that the debt is a problem that must be addressed. Be a man, do what you yourself know is right. Stop spending money we do not have.

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