Tuesday 9 February 2010

Royal Bank of Facebook?

Noticed that Facebook platform supports "virtual wallet" functionality, where you can buy Facebook Credits with "real money", and then you can spend those credits online within Facebook applications. I'm presuming there are hooks in the API so that 3rd party application developers (as well as Facebook themselves) will be able to leverage this facility to get payments from your wallet (presumably Facebook will get a transaction fee for processing it).


How long will it be before we see an ecosystem of pay-for services through FB? Being able to send credits to a Friend's wallet when you want to, etc? Buy them flowers, chocolates, pizzas or whatever -- real ones that actually turn up, not just ones that they see on their screen?

How long then before you can get a Facebook Visa debit card in your wallet, so you can use your Facebook Credits anywhere? Maybe use them in other banks ATMs to withdraw cash?

Interesting development...

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