Wednesday 20 May 2009

These are local jobs, for local people

I sympathise with people who are scared about losing their jobs, really I do.

However, the problem people really have is that they are paid too much, and other people are willing and able to do that same job for less money. These are the harsh facts that form reality. It is pure and simple supply-and-demand.

Do you really think the employers specifically WANT to employ people from other countries, and have to deal with the fallout with the locals? Are we to assume that the locals would be BETTER at the jobs and are well worth the extra cost? Surely, only a Nationalist, Protectionist, right-wing thug could presume such a thing. (See? See how spin works?)

I'm afraid, much as its not good for my nation in aggregate, I am on the side of the foreigners in this case. They have the right to work here, just as we have the right to work where they come from.

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