Tuesday 12 May 2009

"But it’s the general lack of knowledge in the general population that concerns me. They are sitting ducks."

Oh man! Do I ever feel a connection with the sentiments of this author in this article of all articles!

The title of this entry is lifted from the linked article, by Chris Laird of The Prudent Squirrel newsletter. (This is a public version of the article on Kitco.com, however.)

This article just about sums up what is in my head too, and why you don't want to invite me to cocktail parties any more (and I wouldn't want to invite me either).

The good news, for you and for me, is that I now stick some of this head-fudge out here on this blog, where it is buried and few people are ever likely to have to read it. Enough to give me a release from the burden of it and enough that I feel like maybe one person in the world might get something useful from it all at some point, if I'm lucky.

That means I no longer feel the need to try to give you the hard sell on protecting yourself from what is coming down the pike, attempting in vain to spread desperately undesirable news, a subject so big and so bad that I can never hope to be succesful in selling it, certainly not in a single sitting. I've come to accept that nobody else wishes to know, nobody wants to 'go outside' in the parlance of this article. I can relate to that; I wish I hadn't gone outside now. I kinda liked just being a geek really. I was good at being a geek. But I did go outside, and now I have to live with the consequences ever since. My life has been contaminated by the burden of knowledge beyond the boundaries of my geeky sphere. I have to forget it, and get my geek back on.

So its all good. Anyone for a beer?

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TimeToPanic said...

Cursed and blessed, that's us.

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