Thursday 7 May 2009

Flat tax. You know it makes sense.

The Times ran an article which laid out in full gory detail their case against raising taxes, and I fully agree with their sentiments. It is the stupidest thing The Darling Brown Show have done, and they have done some incredibly stupid things.

I am actually all for a flat tax regime. It would save a fortune in private sector business -- and the public purse as well for that matter -- and would no longer encourage the Brain Drain of the very best money-making talent away from British shores.

Admittedly, there would be a lot of bookkeepers, accountants and tax specialists suddenly cooling their heels. But really, they are not economically productive currently but in fact consume national wealth just as much as the the public sector does, and their undoubted smarts would almost certainly be soon better employed in some other passtime.

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