Tuesday 26 May 2009

Boy! Am I glad I live in a shit-hole of a house!

If I'd wasted even more of my money (OK, a mortgage borrowed from someone else's money then...) to lever-up and get a massive pad with granite counter-tops, an enviable zipcode, all rooms en-suite, and generally had a really swell old time at the shops, I too would be worried I will never be able to recover enough money on a sale during my lifetime to repay the debts on the damn thing.

Hell, I'm still worried about that even with my rat hole in a grey and rainy unloved Glasgow suburb, far far away from the epicentres of the property boom. So, how many people must be on the verge of suicide around Kensington and Mayfair, Clapham and Richmond, Camden and Highgate? Or even the West End and Southside of Glasgow for that matter.

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