Monday 18 May 2009 Where now economy?

"The onion of lies". This is a great way to put it, I think.

So many lies, layered on top of still more layers of lies. So many lies in your life that you just have to accept as the truth on faith, because hey you're busy and there are other peope to look after all that other stuff out there in the world, right? Even when you spot a lie, each is seemingly very small and inconsequential. But in aggregate they are "The Matrix".

You peel back one thin and seemingly unimportant layer and discover there is just layer after layer of BS and lies below it. If you stop to make time and look.

You don't think so? OK, well if you have the stomach for a real rollercoaster, take some time out to pick just one item on the political section of your chosen mainstream media source, I don't care which one it is you choose, and REALLY think about it. Is what is said on the face of it, what the story is REALLY about? Is it based on a myth, half-truth, or even just an outright lie? Its not unusual, as Tom Jones says.

And what about some other assumption you have in your mind, that is uncovered as you stripped away that layer of lies and deceit a moment ago? Do you find yourself looking closer at those as well, and finding -- yes, yes I think you're right goddamit! -- that next layer is on closer inspection a bunch of hocum, a web of smoke and mirrors, deceiving and laced with subtle lies and inverted logic, an intrigue?

Welcome to the reality zone.

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