Monday 18 May 2009

If You're Not Petrified of Obama, You're Not Paying Attention

Left wing politicians will always tell you they are doing something for the little guy. They are promoting social justice in an unfair, capitalist world. The title here states "Obama" (a wholesale borrowed title of the article linked below), but really you can substitute the name of any left winger/party -- Obama is just today's figurehead.

But, as always, you need to look at their intentions and actions and judge them by the recorded historical facts and outcomes of similar precedents. And when I say the historical facts, I mean also not just accepting popularly accepted truths/myths, but actual recorded evidence of the true facts.

For example, the minimum wage sounds like a great and wonderful idea. Until you count how many jobs are lost as a result of it, and how many people's live are subsequently stuck in the welface trap. Do you know anyone who cannot get a job? There would be jobs for everyone, if there wasn't a floor on what employers are allowed to pay. If a service can't be economically provided at a price consumers are willing/able to pay, the service will not be provided -- and the staff will not be staff. Once people find themselves stuck in the trap of being on welfare, they quickly establish that it is not possible to get themselves back into high-paying jobs, and that if they accept the low-paying jobs then they are going to be no better off than on their social security handouts. This is a vicious circle, and it does the person no good in the long term.

MISH has yet another interesting and thought-provoking article up. I can't really hope to add much here that will add value to his article, which itself stands on the shoulders of other intellectual giants. So I merely link to it here.

You can assume as a reaction to this entry, and probably many others I daresay, that I must be some right-winger anti-social scumbag if you want. But I would submit that I am instead just a realist. I find that on investigation a lot of the initiatives for social justice, ultimately do no justice to anyone but the ruling class, and have deeply anti-social outcomes.

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