Monday 11 January 2010

Oh man. :-(

This is pretty bad right here. We're expected to believe that the economy is on the turn and things are going to be just fine, and yet thousands of households are using creditcards to pay their mortage or rent, and this while interest rates are at historic low levels.

What are these people going to do if (when) rates go up?

Still, if Gordon and Alastair can by example run a whole federation of countries on this same basis, I guess people can be forgiven for thinking they can run their house that way. They're going to learn an awfully hard lesson, but I suppose people just have to learn their hard lessons when it comes to money (by "people" there, I do of course mean households taking on more debt in order to stay in their homes a little longer, plus Gordon and Alastair and their legion of misguided Keynesian economists, plus any remaining fool Labour voters that still cannot see the light that 2+2 can't keep on being 5 no matter how much you would like it to be so.

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