Thursday 28 January 2010

Every year like 2009? "The Crash Course", distilled

Imagine a year like 2009 happens every year, indefinitely. That is what can be projected from the facts as things stand right now, as will be demonstrated.

Chris Martenson is a guy that I and many, many other people around the world have a lot of time for. He has given up a highly lucrative career and what most people would consider a fantastic lifestyle, to devote his resources entirely to spreading his understanding of the fundamental issues the world must face up to very shortly, before time runs out and choices are no longer available.

His main and most valuable offering to the world to date is a presentation that describes, in detail, the fundamental problems that are on course for disaster, and this is entitled The Crash Course. I highly recommend you make time to invest in reading this in it's entirety sometime, because it is highly enlightening even if it does in total take over 3 hours. (There is a 45 minute abridged version available from that link too, if you baulk at a full 3 hours!) But seriously, it IS worth the trouble and you don't have to do it in a single sitting, in fact I would even recommend you don't try it in a single sitting.

You can get it on DVD if you don't want to read it on-screen; perhaps it is much easier to take in the message when you're seated comfortably with a beer or a nice glass of wine. Some of you will think already that you should stop reading right here because I and he are just a couple more conspiracy theory whack-jobs (perhaps I am already too late, in fact I'm sure in many cases I am... oh well...), but that just proves you are not thinking, unfortunately.

However, this blog post here for you today is to bring a "distilled version" to your attention in the hope that this can spark a breakthrough for you like Neo taking the blue bill in The Matrix. (Although, clearly, I really hope you will do yourself a favour by taking in that full Crash Course sometime soon, if not right now). Chris was invited to give a speech at The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco recently, and he has provided a transcript of that speech, in which he summarises for the audience the essence of his message. At the very least, you should give that speech a read-through, it might just change your life.

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