Monday 4 January 2010

Happy New Year

Back in the day, Argentina had it all. It was a major global economic power and its people generally lived the high life, enjoying all the cultural and personal delights they could possibly imagine. Just a few short decades later, what a catastrophic error it proved to be to have let the politicians of the day go ahead with their plans to make life even better for everyone! Life was so good that Argentina's politicians, like so many before them throughout history, just couldn't resist meddling to make life better still for everyone.

Please do yourself a favour this New Year, by actually reading the concise page at that link in the paragraph above -- even if it is to be the one, single article that you actually do go and read this year via this blog! Read it and think about what you have experienced in your own country over the years, and currently. Doesn't it all sound very familiar?? If you're reading this in the UK, well I can tell you already that YES, it certainly WILL be extremely familiar to you!

Like Peron, Gordon Brown will be cold and dead (well.... at least out of current office anyway!) before he has to actually deal with the debts he is acrueing. But my kids will be around for sure (touch wood!), and most likely so will yours. Hell, maybe even I will be, who knows how long this is going to take to blow up? (My take is not long at all, for what it's worth. Perhaps two years? Could be less, could be more -- who knows? Nobody! Could be tomorrow!)

This is what this blog is all about, in case you haven't already worked that out from past episodes of this show. Raising awareness about the inevitable outcome whilst we continue to follow the current all-too-familiar path that has been followed by so many ill-fated nations throughout history. It takes time for sure, and it has certainly taken a loooooong time already, but there are no permanent exceptions to the rules of life.

If you think anything "can't happen here", you are just not thinking I'm afraid. People thought that in Argentina, Germany, Zimbabwe, yadda yadda yadda on and on...

Happy New Year. I do sincerely hope 2010 will be good to you, one and all.

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