Thursday 26 January 2012

Stack em high and sell em cheap

Why have the Saudi's been so willing to pump and sell so, so much (as much as the buyers want) of their oil and at the cheapest prices? Couldn't they in the end make more money from this oil by selling it slower and for higher prices?

Why have the Chinese been so willing to sell so, so much of their cheap goods on the world markets in exchange for so, so many US dollars that they've piled up so, so high? Again, couldn't they have backed off on the production a little, thereby obtained prices a little closer to those other countries would want for them. They don't really have to compete quite SO hard and be SO much cheaper than everyone else, do they?

Why are they in such a hurry to sell their cut-priced goods? Do they think the world is going to run out of US dollars?!

Or maybe they think the world might run out of something else at some point. Something they've been buying hand over fist while they still can. Maybe something whose price is currently being systematically suppressed. Meaning that when the systematic price suppression of this item is no longer possible, its price will spring upwards to its natural valuation.

Suddenly it would be revealed why they were in such a rush to sell off whatever they had, as much as possible and as quickly as possible, to accumulate as big a pile of this 'thing' as they could ... before it was revalued to its natural level. They might have got a little more for their trade goods if they had sold them more slowly. But not as much more as they would have to pay later for the no longer suppressed 'thing'. They would have missed the boat.



fred bloggs said...

A nice descriptive angle there DP.

DP said...

Yaaay! A bit of feedback never goes amiss.

Especially when it's positive! :)

fred bloggs said...

Yes, beer is indeed a preciouse 'thing'.
(hang on; i did nt think the saudis drank beer :0/)

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