Friday 20 May 2011

You want proof?

Who doesn't!

Many of you are thinking something like:

"OK, Freegolders, so you all believe there is going to be a massive Dollar-hyperinflation and gold (only gold) is going to multiply in real purchasing power in the course of that hyperinflationary storm during the coming years, while every other asset (specifically including silver) will just roughly maintain its present real purchasing power? Well, perhaps I would like to share in your certainty about this, but you're going to have to PROVE it to me first! Until you can prove it to me, I will continue to think you're all brainwashed members of a gold-worshipping cult".

Well, I'm sorry guys, but none of us can offer you this "proof". We will only be able to do that in hindsight; but by then you won't need us to prove it to you of course! In the meantime, you will just have to use your imagination, like we did. Suspend your disbelief and just entertain it as possible. Rather than demand us to prove to you it is happening, try from the other side: to objectively find the reason it cannot be. Contrary to appearances at times, this is what we do. We're trying to find the reason it ISN'T happening after all. But please, don't just come with all those half-baked theories you've picked up at some other site, over and over, person after person, the same stuff. (Sometimes the same person, same stuff, over and over! :-\ ) If you really can find an original and good reason it simply cannot be, please come and tell us all -- because we want to know as much as you do. We've each of us spent a lot of time contemplating the model laid out by FOFOA/FOA/Another, trying like you to find the way that "Freegold" can't or won't work. The more times we find that we can't break it, the more certain we become that perhaps, yes, this really is what is unfolding and, like it or not, is where we're going. Yes, we're all sceptics like you.

As you contemplate this post, here's a little song I hope you will enjoy.

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Lazzlo said...

How about , the sheeple would rather die than work for a living.
They are rioting all over the world.... for more government handouts!
The people dont get it.A lot have lived their whole lives, been spoon fed by the gov.
I think some sort of communism is at least as likely as freegold.
I prepare for freegold because i dont know how to prepare for communism.
I love the idea of freegold but i can t see the sheep accepting it.
Crime is increasing even with all the free handouts.
Just imagine how hard it will be to protect ANYTHING in a povety stricken (compared to now) freegold world.
I theory the freegold system would work great.
In practice the humans mind and body nowerdays is just not strong enough to produce more than they produce.
I hope i m wrong.


DP said...

Hi Ozzy,

Well, per the topic of this post, I can't offer you any proof of anything, only the offspring of my imagination. However, my experience is people will only do something if they have some kind of incentive to do it. At the moment, yes you're right -- there is an incentive for some people to game the welfare system; if they are prepared to find and jump through the necessary hoops, and to perhaps accept a fairly limited standard of living, then they can live for free at the expense of everyone else. My view is in future they will see the incentive to get off their lazy asses and do something productive. Because otherwise they will be left much further behind than now. But what do I know?


DP :-)

Lazzlo55 said...

 I guess you know at least as much as the next very well informed person.
But i still think Freegolders look at human nature through rose tinted glasses.

"My view is in future they will see the incentive to get off their lazy asses and do something productive."

Call me a dirty big synic, but i think there idea of productive might not be the same as ours.
If the government wont steal off the producers for them, then they will see stealing the productive in a more direct fashion, may take less effort than working like a chinaman for a pittance.

Hey, but waddo i know.


DP said...

Thank you for the kind words, sir. ;-)

I guess only time can tell whether my relatively optimistic or your more pessimistic view will have been correct. Of course, it is possible we will be both right -- depending on where you are in the world!


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