Tuesday 3 May 2011

It's all a matter of perception.

Blondie: The current monetary system creates an artificial scarcity of value amongst some of its users and an artificial abundance amongst others via its inequities, effects which have no small impact upon the choices made and the behaviour exhibited by these users, not to mention the effect’s influence on the perceptions of all users of one another, which by extension causes further effects to be felt.

It's just history repeating. The 'elite' are just as shit as everyone else; they just up to now enjoy a significant advantage -- or perhaps it is more accurate to say they impose a handicap on the rest of us. It will be exposed in our time that there are, however, only people.

The current monetary system warps our perception of reality. But the good news is the next one won't. In case you haven't noticed already, it's called Freegold and it's slowly unfolding before your very eyes. Changes like this necessarily come around over and over throughout history. However, this time really will be different, because the response to the crisis has been designed in advance to optimise the outcome, rather than being developed as events unfold on an ad-hoc basis as a-thing-on-a-thing-on-a-thing -- which is never the best way to build a sustainable system.

We will witness disaster, but it will be worth it in the end.

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DP said...

I am totally at home with the fall too. In fact, I am pleased to welcome its opportunity, with open chequebook.

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