Friday 23 April 2010

Who's right over pound, Ken Clarke or Goldman Sachs?

The Telegraph have an article up by the same title as this post. Here

Earlier this week Gordon Brown said he was going to follow the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) in calling the legal dogs on Goldman Sachs over perceived fraudulent activities.

Yesterday Goldman Sachs put out a recommendation to their clients that they should buy the Pound because it is heading up from here. (It should be noted here that Goldman are not exactly unknown for recommending one thing to their clients, and actually putting on the opposite trade themselves -- and coming out with a lot of money. See aforementioned allegations of fraudulent activity.)

Now, to me the above two items feel like an awfully big coincidence in the same week. Perhaps you agree? Do you think, just maybe, if Goldman were to agree to help prop up the Pound (and by extention the sitting UK government, just ahead of an election...) then some dogs might get put back on a leash?

Ken Clarke of the Conservatives, a man who has been around the block a few times, thinks the Pound is very precariously balanced and that a hung parliament outcome from the election will sink it, quite possibly bringing on a call to the IMF of Britain's very own, not unlike Greece's.

Given that I have a number of posts up here over the last couple of months calling for a fall in the Pound on chart technical grounds, and that our national debts are accellerating at an unsustainable (but to-be-sustained) rate. I have to agree with the right honourable Mr Clarke.

Buckle up.

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