Wednesday 17 March 2010

The Man, with The Plan. Later you can say you read it first, before it was ignored.

Martin Armstrong is quite some character. Here he is, unjustly locked in prison and now hidden away in the hole, and even if he will ever be allowed justice and be released his life will be under threat. He is just too smart for some people's liking, if you know what I mean. The parallels with Kondratieff's story are all too clear if you ask me. You can read the disputed Wiki article on Armstrong here if you like, but bring a bag of salt is my advice.

Anyway, with all these things on his mind, still he is able to scribble a rough economic plan on a piece of paper for the governments of the West to stand a hope of rescue for their nations. I'm pretty sure none of them will listen though, and instead will continue with this misguided policy of debt cure by debt expansion. It is horrifying to watch.

Here is the plan scribble from Martin Armstrong, former Chairman of Princeton Economics, and economic genius. Later, after this has been ignored by everyone that could make a difference (and I can assure you, they WILL have seen it) and we suffer the disaster that lays in wait for us ahead, we will be once again informed that "nobody could have foreseen this disaster ahead of time". Yeah, really? You will know this is BS, just like it has been every time you've heard that before.


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