Thursday 24 September 2009

Straight talk on economists and why they are liars

It's not their fault, it is what they have been taught that is wrong. As usual, if you follow the money trail you can understand who teaches them it, and why.

Howard Katz talks a lot of sense, but occasionally he strays into religion which is most definitely not my cup of tea. However, often he writes good-sense articles on economics -- if you can focus only on this stuff and tune out the other, it's very useful I think.

Here is a recent article describing why mainstream establishment economists have things upside down, and they always will. It's by design.

Currently, we are in the early part of a depression. Some of you will be losing your jobs, but most of you won't. You will not get a great payrise for some time unless you get a promotion or switch jobs, maybe you will take a pay cut and perhaps even quite a chunky one -- but look in the shops and you'll see more and more things are half what they cost before, so you can still buy the things you need no problem. More of them in fact. So you have less money, but you have more wealth. Read the article and this will make more sense to you I'm sure.

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