Thursday 10 September 2009

Anyone who knows me knows I like silver

But most of them do not understand why.

I mean, it just sits there in a cupboard somewhere, or in an online account. Its a pain in the ass to clean (not that I worry once I've deep cleaned it once after purchase -- light tarnishing just adds to its qualities after that if you ask me). What possible use could it be to me? Nobody else seems to want it.

Ahh, well there is your answer -- nobody else seems to want it.

In this world, you can either pay top price for something that everyone else seems to want (think houses for a recent experience here), or you can pay bottom price for something nobody seems to want (think silver for recent experience here).

Buy low, sell high.

If you want somebody else's more expert opinion on the fundamental drivers ahead for the silver market though, try Ted Butler's article 'The Super Bubble To Come'.

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