Thursday 14 November 2013

Hard Money Socialism

I'm periodically quizzed about 'Hard Money Socialism'.

1) "What is a 'Hard Money Socialist'?"

Someone who wants to save in currency, and to have the real value of those savings protected by society. (Socialising their risk.)

2) "Freegolders advocate saving in gold. Doesn't that make them 'Hard Money Socialists'?"

You are free to save in any way you choose. Freegolders do not believe gold is money. Does this answer your question?

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Ein Gast said...

Some questions before debunking that stuff, and please be precise with the answers:

What is "saving"?

Is e.g. George Sorros a "saver"? How&why?

If I "save" in some other way than gold in tangible stuff, does that make me a "Free-Whatever"?

People (~70Mio.?) digging the "medium of saving" out of the ground (while consuming stuff the ROW produced in the meantime) and e.g. keeping half of their yellow stuff, are those "Freegold-Savers" as well?

Thanks&Greets, AD

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