Monday 13 May 2013

The emancipation of GOLD

In life, all things have an inverse. Good is a derivative of bad; beautiful of ugly; hard of soft; light of dark.

Without the presence of a competing measure, a relative benchmark, it is impossible to properly appreciate anything.

The current quoted gold price is a function of supply and demand in the market for gold-denominated credit. Today you can buy gold-the-reserve-asset-in-strictly-limited-supply, for approximately the same $price demand places on its derivative… infinitely-available gold-denominated-credit from the nice people of the COMEX and LBMA.

The anomaly is a lack of distinction between the asset and its credit derivative - they are treated as equivalents by all but a few market participants. Gold owed is considered equivalent to gold owned.

Debt is the same as equity?

As the underlying asset reserve base is progressively drained from the current pricing system, this perception of equivalency cannot continue indefinitely. At the point of divergence, physical gold will finally be free to find its own distinct equilibrium price in the market… with gold-denominated credit also free to find its own. Beyond this point of divergence, it may become apparent to all that derivatives cannot really perform as hoped. Demand for them may wane. Prices in the two markets may cease to be approximately equivalent.

Physical gold may return to being properly appreciated as the prime wealth reserve asset that it always was. Gold-denominated credit may no longer be worth the paper it's written on.

Are you sitting comfortably?


Nickelsaver said...

Yo, careful now. JS coined that phrase, and invented free golt. You might wanna get permishun to USE it. lol

next jim will post his Emancipation Proclaimation, not of gold, but of any connection to any other person writting about, you know

DP said...

I expect to see the unambiguous proclaimation that he originated the concept of Free Gold in the 70s, which was later popularised by Another & his friend, then later bastardised by FOFOA & his friends.

He has always been an advocate of Free Gold - he was just saving its rollout on his website & KWN until the time was finally right.

Go long miner49er!

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