Friday 23 December 2011

An interesting detail

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Checkout the bar for "Europe". My take on this is that this is the entire Eurozone - 17 nations. In which case, you need to get the bar and make it 1/17th as big, and this will tell you the average for each nation state in the Eurozone.

All seventeen nation states in the zone, combined, add up to about the same level of debt as, say, Norway or Sweden (two of the great poster-children of prudence) on their own.

And yet, the Eurozone is in a debt crisis? Interesting, no?

Let's not dwell too long on the size of that UK bar on the left... :-{


DP said...

And certainly, let's not think too much about that green "financial sector debt" part of the UK bar.

Clyde Frog said...

No wonder Mr Cameron is so keen to try to "protect the national interest"! We'll be crucified if (when) The City has to face up to all of that lot.

DP said...

Hi, Clyde.

Right! :-{

Blondie said...

The figures quoted are percentages.
But The City is indeed doing something all out of proportion in that financial services bar, continuing to control its empire via whatever form of leverage works best at the time. Let the vassal do the muscle work.

DP said...

D'Oh! Yes, of course they are! Haha - thanks for keeping me honest... again... ;)

Still, The City's indebtedness certainly puts "the Eurozone debt crisis" into perspective.

Happy Christmas, and an Interesting New Year...

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