Thursday 31 March 2011

End of quarter report for the ECB

So, I wonder what happens to the price of gold after today, when the price won't matter again for another three months.


dnarby said...


I had forgotten about that!


DP said...

Hi Dave.

Ready for Armstrong's decline (or flat) into June 13 - just in time to run
up into next Q end?

dnarby said...

Boy, I sure hope so.

Given that (IMO) it is the scenario that would inflict the maximum amount of pain (nowhere to run but the USD... Which we know is doomed..! Aieee!!!!) it seems likely.

However, I think Armstrong is ultimately wrong about the barbarous relic - I seem to recall he thought it would tank with everything else. Can't see that happening somehow...

dnarby said...’s-economic-confidence-model-vs-gold’s-performance-an-update

...How bout 'dem apples!

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