Wednesday 23 February 2011

Is it just me...

... or are we hearing too much talk from too many people about inflation just lately?

Is it possible there is another deflationary scare period about to hit?


Piripi said...

Deflation against what, exactly?

You're leaving it a little open.

Maybe it's just me ;)

DP said...

:-D You're right of course, Blondie. :-)

I meant a deflation scare in a conventional, "2008" kinda way. Against "cash", the Dollar in particular. I wouldn't be surprised to see another bounce to, say, 86 on the USDX going into the Summer, accompanied by much gnashing of teeth from almost everyone, and cheers from the Deflationista bench.

Before a collapse.

(Now I have said this, you can probably cue up the ominous background music to accompany a minor Dollar drift down going into the Summer, followed by a meteoric rise from the Autumn into like 2016! ;-> )

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