Monday 6 July 2009

OMG! A post NOT about either politics OR economics! :-O

I read a suggestion from a smart man today, which goes something like the below. Logic suggests to me that it would very likely be pretty effective, so perhaps I will make the effort to try it myself from tonight. Here it comes then...

Last thing at night, just as you fall off to sleep, try to think of one good thing that happened today, and one thing that brought you closer somehow to meeting the goals you have set yourself in life (even if its just to think that you haven't set any yet, but that you're going to!).

When you first wake up in the morning, think of one thing that you will do today that you will enjoy, and one thing that is going to bring you closer to your goals (even if it is that you will today start to make a list of goals that you're going to aim for in order to make your life better. Or perhaps your life is already perfect and you don't need to, but you would probably be the first person in all of recorded history...)

Get into a habit of doing this, which will take some effort initially, but like all habits you'll slip easily into it before long, and you'll do it effortlessly, as a matter of routine.

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