Monday 27 July 2009


Apologies (even though I know you are glad of the reprieve :-) ) for the haitus in my missives recently. Been a bit hosed.

However, Liam Halligan at the Telegraph can still be relied upon to tell it like it really is.

Why is it that the Telegraph is the only mainstream media outlet, that I've come across so far, which doesn't hide the real stories from you, behind the bread and circuses like sports stories, celebrity gossip, political BS events like Norwich North, etc etc etc? These are nothing, these are future (very) Trivial Pursuits questions. Why are they put front and centre all the time? To keep you from thinking about the things that really matter, that's why. You can't handle the truth.

Personally, if I were to subscribe to buy any daily paper (but really, why would I?), it would have to be the Telegraph (or the FT). All the others are just choc-full-o-distractions to keep you off the scent of what is really happening of importance around you.

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