Wednesday 17 June 2009

Invited to a scrap jewellery party?

I would advise against selling your old gold right now, but that is just my opinion and it's probably worth exactly what you just paid for it.

The linked article, describing the new phenomena of "gold parties" where people gather at someone's house for a few drinks to sell their broken jewellery to an on-site dealer at discounted prices, also quotes the World Gold Council making the same suggestion though. Perhaps they are worth listening to.

If, however, you really do need the cash and so want to sell your gold to get it, let me know! :-D I will buy it from you at the current spot price, assuming I have the cash myself of course, rather than 30% off like these sharks!

You would be mad, in my opinion, to sell your gold now! (Or silver, I am also interested if you want to sell your silver btw!) And especially for 30% off its scrap value. Perhaps for 10% or 15%, but not thirty!

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