Friday 9 October 2009

A national stress-related suicides problem?

Can it really be true that in France - the country where by law it is almost impossible for anybody to be given the sack but when they are they have a massively generous payoff, everybody has a fully-defined remit of tasks they are allowed to perform in their job and certainly they are not allowed to be asked to do any other task they do not wish to perform, and nobody is allowed to work more than 35 hours a week - there is a significant national problem with suicides relating to workplace-stress?

My eyes must be deceiving me, surely?

Unless these are the people who can add up and have realised that all of these luxuries they have collectively awarded themselves come at a high price, and it means that they cannot compete effectively in a globalised marketplace. OK, maybe if that is the case then I can understand why they might wish to end it all now, before the wheels eventually really come off their society and it decends into chaos...

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